Features / TV-series

We provided the production for the Dutch director Frans Weisz:

Entrée Brussels (1978)
A Hot Summer Night
The Betrayed
Boy Ecury

(Columbine Award best feature, 2004)
Hopsi Topsi Land
Lotta Blokker

We produced,
or co-produced:

Rigor Mortis (Dick Maas,1981)
The Table (Frans Weisz, 2003)
Family Hollander (JHM, Frans Weisz 2008)
In Mokum staat een huis (JHM, 2010)
Life? or Theatre? (Frans Weisz, 2011)
Joran Speaks (FransJan Punt, 2010)
LEX (Frank Lammers, 2009)

Other features
we worked for:

EGG (Danniel Danniel, 1989)
Tralievader (Danniel Danniel, 1993)
The Discovery of Heaven (2001)
(Parts filmed in Rome and Jerusalem)
Big Brother 3 – The Battle (RTL 2001)
Passage (Johan Doesburg, 2004)
November (Marinus Groothof, 2006)
Roffa (Circe, Bobby Boermans, 2013)
Scooterdagen (Circe, Leonie de Boer, 2013)
The Truffles (Harm Lust, 2018)

Services for international productions:

Il Diavolo A Sette Facce (Italy, 1971)
I Want To Go To Prison
(Russia NTV, 1998)
Force Majeur
(Russia NTV, 1999)
(Russia NTV, 2005)
The Couple
(Russia, 2006)
Etty Hillesum
(Israel, 2016)